Software Products

Avalon Software LLC proudly presents this small, but growing, list of world-class software products.

Web Contributions

If you're a political action committee (PAC) or a conduit you can quickly and easily collect contributions using our flexible Web Contributions application. After collecting personal information plus a credit card number, we run the financial transaction through PayPal and deposit the contributions in your account. We securely host this information for you and we have a simple, flat-fee cost structure.

TNS Manager

Oracle DBAs, System Administrators and other IT professionals that work with Oracle products know the importance of the TNSNames.ora file. The Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) is Oracle's way of connecting clients PCs to Oracle relational databases. The TNSNames.ora file contains essential information like servernames, ports and database instances. Once you have the details of the TNSNames.ora file nailed down then you need to make sure that all PCs have the latest copy of the file (either on a shared network location) or in the ...Network\Admin folder of the Oracle client installation.

Our TNS Manager is a refreshingly easy way to 1) centrally manage the TNSNames.ora file entries using our hosted Web application and 2) install the TNS Manager on all PCs and then it makes Web services calls to check for updates, download the latest information and guarantees that everyone can connect to your Oracle databases.

Windows 7 Backup Manager

The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system has a great built-in feature for backing up your PC. But if you have a bunch of PCs all backing up to the same network storage location, you'll quickly gobble up tons of disk space. Our Windows 7 Backup Manager is software that's installed on the PC to help you purge old backup sets and reclaim precious space.